Handouts for selected Paper, Poster, & Workshop sessions

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Day Two: August 9

Lucinda Geoghegan: Singing Games and Dances


Chantal Bigot-Testaz: La Schola cantorum de Paris et son influence dans le monde musical au début du vingtième siècle


Rebecca Brown & Sarah Landis: I Can Play That! Multi-Level Beginner String Arrangements Inspired by an Aural-Based Methodology


Heidi Saario: Colour Keys PIANO ABC--An Innovative Method for Young Beginner Piano Students


Denise Gagne: Listening Lessons that will Engage your Students


David Vinden: The Importance of Two-Part Hearing Development (A Very Practical Workshop)


Marilyn Brouette: Expanding the Circle--Healthy Kids & the Power of Professional Partnerships in the Kodály Music Classroom


Kate Thompson: Squaring the Circle: Picture Books in the Music Classroom


Ewa Krzatala & Mary Stouffer: The Circle of Teaching & Learning--Experiencing Music in Early Childhood, from Prenatal to Age 8 Foillowing Hungarian Master Pedagogue Katalin Forrai's Philosophy


Eila Peterson: Hearing Harmony--Using Anchor Tones to Determine Functional Categories


Jill Trinka: Children's Singing Games in the North American African Diaspora


Jill Trinka: Children's Singing Games in the North American African Diaspora #2


Day Three: August 10

Jill Trinka: Singing Games and Dances


Susan Harvey: I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends


Janos Horvath: Memorization, Dictation and Improvisation: Completing the Circle of Learning


Sandra Knudson: The Engaging Choral Classroom: Circle Up!


Jonathan C. Rappoport: Not so Simple: The History and Life of "Simple Gifts."


Carla Trott & Emma Ritchie: Emerging Music Teachers Network


Helen Boucher: For a Cultural Adaptation of the Kodály Approach: Using Fixed Do and Other Rhythmic Syllables


Katherine Ruhle: Engage, Inspire, & Sing: Australian Choiral Repertoire & Rehearsal Strategies for Children's Choirs


Donna Menhart: Singing Folks Songs to Support Music Literacy Beyond Elementary School


Day Four: August 11

Susan Brumfield: Music, Le Coeur des Cajun: Children's Songs & Games from the Cajun Culture of South Louisiana


Tess Laird: I do, We do, You do...Ways to Enhance Music Pedagogy Using the Elements of Explicit Instruction in a Spiral Curriculum


Nancy Telfer: How and Why the Canadian Choral Scene Has Flourished


Connie Foss More: Circling Back: Fresh Ideas in Archives


Atsuko Omi, Shinji Inagi, Makiko Koyama, Tomoko Kurata, Sayaka Muromachi, Noriko Ninomiya, & Shoko Oya: Let's Sing Along & Play Japanese Traditional Folk Tunes & Singing Games!


Merrill Tanner: The Health Benefits of Singing & How to Keep Your Voice healthy So You Can Sing Your Whole Life Long


Carolyn Neumann VanderBurgh: Singing & Playing Within the Circle


Day Five: August 12

Susan Brumfield & Lisa Rogers & Apocalypso Now: Brown Girl in the Ring: Song Games from the Eastern Carribean


Logan McKinney: Two Pillars--Creating a Circle of Folk & Art Music in the Kodály-Inspired Classroom


Gail Needleman & Anne Laskey: "The Spirit of Singing": Traditional Music & Human Development


Susan Creese: Level Up! Progressive Challenges for Successful Differentiation